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Smart Dust

Mar 29, 2019


This month we talk about the technological advancement pinned to change the world – autonomous vehicles.

With Director Alex Horwitz and Executive Producer Eddie Alterman from the first documentary on self-driving cars, Autonomy (produced by Malcolm Gladwell), we explore the big questions. From how humans relate to...

Mar 14, 2019

This month we’re going live from Austin, Texas with a special South by South West feature!


SXSW is a worldwide celebration of what happens when creative ideas and technology merge; and with 75,000 people in attendance and 5,000 speakers from just the interactive section alone, it’s big.


So, we’ve condensed...

Mar 13, 2019

China goes under the microscope in this week’s episode of Smart Dust. When we talk about innovation we often immediately turn to the US and the UK – overlooking the second largest economy in the world. So, this week we discuss the hottest topics in China’s technology industry - and as the world’s leader in...