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Smart Dust

Jan 3, 2020

Three trends which will help define 2020: Instagram shopping deep fakes and space tourism. The Works' Douglas Nicol and Norton Rose Fulbright's Nick Abrahams discuss how these will shape the world around us in this year's first edition of Smart Dust.

With Instagram continuing to shift towards an ecommerce platform, Douglas and Nick show off their knowledge of the fashion and cosmetic industries to demonstrate how influencer partnerships with brands will continue to evolve, but also how brands are using Instagram as a global shop front, including one particularly interesting example from India.

With the 2020 US presidential election set to be characterised by more misinformation, deep fakes are set to be one of the biggest battleground in fake news. What are deep fakes? Quite simply, they're videos edited so individuals are on camera saying words they never uttered in real life. And with researchers at Israel's Open University producing a tool that offers deep fakes as a service, how will we know what is real and what is fake? Nick and Douglas discuss the implications.

Finally, Virgin Galactic's recent IPO shows that space tourism is set to arrive in this decade. With tickets starting at a quarter of a million dollars, will travelling off this planet become tourism's hottest new ticket? Or with the no plane movement becoming a trend across Europe, will Richard Branson's pet project fail to get off the ground?

Smart Dust is produced and edited by Daresay, the content specialists:

Hosted by Douglas Nicol, Strategy Partner, The Works ( and Nick Abrahams, Global Head of Strategy and Innovation, Norton Rose Fulbright (

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