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Smart Dust

May 18, 2018

GDPR On 25 May 2018, the General Data Protection Regulation becomes effective, including its penalty of up to 4% of global revenue for non-compliance. We talk about how users of personal information will access it under increasingly stricter regimes. We look at Barbara Streisand’s quest to be forgotten. It looks like “memories light the corners” of Barbara’s mind but she would prefer us to forget where her Malibu home is located. Traditional Retailers We discuss Nick’s recent visit to Amazon in downtown Seattle where it accommodates 45,000 employees, 7,000 of their dogs and a human-less supermarket, where it is impossible to shoplift and somewhat magical. We look at which organisations are playing the “innovation dating game” and an app that enables users to place augmented furniture in their homes. Similarly, we hear about Nick placing himself in augmented reality where he can appear at anytime, anywhere, to explain blockchain. Emotion AI and Robot Love Finally, we discuss how technology is being developed to monetise our emotional state and the concept of “robot love” which may one day result in people discarding human companionship in favour of the robot version that always listens and never argues.